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"Sharp Again restored our knives and did an amazing job.  Our knives are like new! 
I highly recommend Mark if you need this service. Love the mail in option."

Dawn S., Monterey, CA

"Finally I found a service that actually does what it says it will do. Sharp Again not only sharpened all of my knives, but did it in a timely manner. I was shocked about how I struggled to cut foods with my unsharpened knives. After Mark did his magic, I love to cook again using what feels like brand new knives. I am telling all of my friends about Sharp Again. Great job!"

Frank M., Portland, OR

"I could not believe the way my knives and garden tools came back to me. I do everything with such ease now, it is incredible. Thanks, Mark - I will tell all my friends about you and what a delight it is to deal with you!"

Diana S., San Luis Obispo, CA

"Great job on our knives. Fast, efficient, and very reasonable. My wife is sooo happy. Thanks Mark!"

Patrick O., Nipomo, CA

"Sharp Again did a great job on my garden tools. Mark was very thorough and communicated with me twice to make sure he was meeting my expectations. The work was great, the tools were ready the next day, and the prices reasonable. I will definitely use him again, and will recommend him to my neighbors and friends."

Steve C., Pismo Beach, CA

"The communication was wonderful, and Mark was super helpful and accommodating. The knives came back sharpened, wrapped, and with tips for better knife care. Pricing was super reasonable and detailed on the invoice. We are very happy with the results and will for sure be using Sharp Again for our knife needs in the future!

Rachel F., Pismo Beach, CA

"My garden tools have never been better, thanks to Mark's spa treatment! I'm so glad I found this site, and I highly recommend Mark's services to anyone with sharpening needs!"

Robin M., Grover Beach, CA

"Mark was great!  Excellent service and price, one-day turnaround on my hedge trimmer.  Also very entertaining, enjoyed our discussions.  Will definitely use for all sharpening needs."

Bob P., Pismo Beach, CA

"Mark rescued my knives! Being a real man, I tried to sharpen my own knives. Unless you have lots of time to learn and money to buy all sorts of gear, DON'T. Mark fixed what I messed up, and my wife never found out. Thanks!"

Chris M., Arroyo Grande, CA

"I was looking for a local company that sharpens knives. I found this company in Arroyo Grande. Mark not only picked up our knives but when he was done he brought them back to our house. He did an amazing job. They are very sharp and cutting like new knives. He sent us information on how to care for them, which I truly appreciate. His prices are not bad. I will use him again in the future and will highly recommend him to my neighbors, friends and family."

Jacquelyn M., Arroyo Grande, CA

"I appreciated Mark's excellent communication, high quality work (blade sharpening and general "tune up" on a manual lawn mower), quick job turnaround, flexible scheduling, willingness to provide tips on maintenance, reasonable price, and overall personable and professional customer service. Thank you!"

Catherine D., Nipomo, CA

"So awesome! I dropped my knives off and they were sharpened so quickly and done so well. I had one knife with a bent tip  and it was rebuilt to perfection. If you have good knives, this is the place to go!"

Joyce N., San Luis Obispo, CA

"Mark was very quick to respond and answer questions. He made sure to fully explain the services he could provide and made it very easy to trust him with the job. He made the drop off and pick up process incredibly easy and even left us advice on how to best care for our items. We will definitely be using his services again."

Abigale E., Oceano, CA

"Such an amazing and super friendly service! I can't believe he was able to pick up our knives and deliver back to our house. Super convenient.  it's great to get our knives sharpened! We get a little nervous about our folded Japanese ones, but they turned out great. Thank you!"

Roeh Q., San Francisco, CA

"Mark is a true professional.  I was impressed with his knowledge and experience.  He scheduled pick up right away and arrived on time.  Mark answered all my questions, and my Henkels knives were returned as sharp as new earlier than promised.  Mark also repaired the ding in my chef's knife.  He takes pride in his work and service.  I can't say enough superlatives about him."

Marilyn D., Malibu, CA

"We hadn't had our knives sharpened professionally in about 6 years. Although I tried to sharpen them it was clear how good a job Sharp Again did because the difference was like night and day. Every knife was razor sharp. It's such a pleasure to use really sharp knives for whatever task you do while cooking. I would highly recommend Mark at Sharp Again!"

Dawn M., Grover Beach, CA

"Mark's skill and knowledge about sharpening knives shows in his results. My knives are all now perfect and a joy to use. He also took the time to show me how to keep them sharp and even cleaned up my knife block - attention to details beyond my expectations. Mark's service is excellent - from his quick response to my request, picking up and returning my knives as scheduled, and fairly priced fee - all in a professional and friendly manner."

Margaret M., Solvang, CA

"My knives were dull and my attempt at sharpening didn't do the trick. They needed a good edge and Sharp Again was the answer. Fast, responsive, and quick turnaround! He even showed me how to use my sharpening hone! I have four more knives I'll be dropping off soon."

Lorraine D., Pismo Beach, CA

Leticia M., Pismo Beach, CA

"WOW!  Thanks for such a great job on our knives.  I'm back in business again.  After Thanksgiving, I'd like for you to do the last 3. "

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