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How to Wrap your Knives for Mail-in Sharpening Service

Everything that we sharpen locally can also be sharpened with our Mail-In program.

Chefs, stylists, groomers, barbers, veterinarians, surgeons, quilters and homeowners send their tools to us with confidence that they will receive prompt and professional service.

Wrap your items individually in newspaper, bubble wrap or as shown below and place more packing material around and between the items to insure that they will not move around during shipment and cannot pierce the box.  Please do not put corks on the tips of your knives when shipping. Invariably, the tips end up bent, despite your effort to protect them. Use whatever means you can to ensure the tips do not penetrate the sides of the box! This is very important. Please insure the package for the replacement value of the contents.

Please provide us with a list of the items, your contact information and any specific instructions about sharpening or repairs.  Keep a copy and place a copy in your package.

Please send your package to the following address:

Sharp Again
322 Village Glen Drive
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

We recommend shipping with a company that provides a tracking number such as UPS or Fedex.

Return shipping via ups or usps standard ground unless otherwise requested.

Wrapping - 1.png

Start with a sheet of brown wrapping paper or newspaper.

Wrapping - 2.png

Place your knife at the bottom corner of your paper.
(see picture reference)

Wrapping - 3.png

Fold the corner over the knife.

Wrapping - 4.png

Fold the knife over once.

Wrapping - 5.png

Then fold over a second time.

Wrapping - 6.png

If you are sending in a second knife, place it on top of the folded knife, with the blades facing opposite directions.
(do not exceed more than 3 knives per wrap)

Wrapping - 7.png

Fold over two times, just like the first knife.

Wrapping - 8.png

Take the right corner and fold it over.

Wrapping - 9.png

Then take the left corner and fold it over.

Wrapping - 10.png

Roll it until it resembles a burrito.

Wrapping - 11.png

You’ve completed a proper knife wrap!
Please tape it shut so it does not come unraveled during shipping!


Please send your package to the following address:

Sharp Again
322 Village Glen Drive
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

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